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Fondsdepot Bank's custody account models are among the most sought-after products & services in Germany in 2021, according to a study by the F.A.Z Institute.

In order for products and services to be in demand by consumers, they must be attractive and sought-after. There are many criteria and requirements that must be fulfilled. For example, products and services should not only offer good service and quality - they must also have already satisfied other…

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"Digital Champion 2021" - Fondsdepot Bank again honored in DEUTSCHLAND TEST

In this year's DEUTSCHLAND TEST "Digital Champions" conducted by FOCUS-MONEY in cooperation with the IMWF Institute for Management and Economic Research and the Hamburg Institute of International Economics (HWWI), Fondsdepot Bank defended its top position from the previous year and was once again…

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New Head of Sales Operations & Products – Christian Brandl returns to Fondsdepot Bank

Christian Brandl will join Fondsdepot Bank, Germany’s leading platform for fund trading and custody, as Head of Sales Operations & Products on April 1, 2021. Brandl returns from FIL Fondsbank, where he served as Sales Director. Until 2016, Brandl was Head of Sales Open Architecture at Fondsdepot…

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The future is our responsibility: Sustainability – Definition of Fondsdepot Bank GmbH

The topic of “sustainability” is becoming increasingly important – also for the capital investment

Our understanding of sustainability risks includes events or conditions in the areas of environment, social or corporate governance (ESG – Environmental, Social, Governance), the occurrence of which…

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The future of sustainable investments - Virtual exchange at the 22nd branch talk of the association Zukunft für Finanzberatung e.V.

On March 3, 2021 at 7:00 p.m., the 22nd branch talk of the association Zukunft für Finanzberatung e.V. will take place. This time, Sebastian Höft, Head of Business Partner Management at Fondsdepot Bank, will be on the virtual podium. Together with Alexander Koch, Deputy Head of Third Party…

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Capital market outlook 2021 of Fondsdepot Bank

After an extraordinary year with a global recession of historic proportions triggered by the Corona pandemic, the global economy and the economic environment for the world economy improved again in the second half of 2020. Nevertheless, the world is struggling with the second major wave of infection…

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Innovative asset management implemented in record time in a legally compliant manner

In view of the implementation of the FinVermV, many brokers are currently toying with the idea of turning their backs on detailed investment advice via fund picking. Asset managements are a sensible alternative. Patriarch Multi-Manger GmbH and its asset management partner Liontrust are also focusing…

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Information on year-end shipping

In the period from 15.03. - 03.04.2021 the Fund Custodian Bank will send the annual custody account statements to all custody account holders.

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Fee models of the fund platforms - Register now for the live webinar of “Die Fondsplattform”.

Since 2014, the information portal "Die Fondsplattform" offers independently moderated and prepared investment content for visitors and product providers. With news contributions, Podcasts and above all also webinars information needs are satisfied. On 27.01.2021 at 11:00 am, another live webinar…

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Strategic Partnership between AXA Germany and Fondsdepot Bank, Germany’s leading funds platform, moves forward with acquisition of AXA Bank

The European Central Bank (ECB) and Auditing Association of German Banks give the go-ahead: The owner control procedure for the takeover of AXA Bank by the parent company of Fondsdepot Bank, a wholly owned subsidiary of DXC Technology, has been completed. The change of ownership of AXA Bank will…

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Introduction of a more up-to-date encryption standard for mail traffic

The security of customer data is a top priority at Fondsdepot Bank. In order to protect sensitive information even better, the company will switch to the more up-to-date encryption standard TLS 1.1 or higher on December 10, 2020, when it starts sending e-mails.

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Information on fictitious sale

As part of the investment tax reform as of January 1, 2018, there was a so-called fictitious sale, which is to be considered purely for tax purposes. This process was used to determine the taxable profits for all fund units acquired before January 1, 2018.

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Apprenticeship start at the Fondsdepot Bank

On September 1, 2020 the time had come again: a new apprenticeship year started at Fondsdepot Bank. For Celine Kiylioglu and Sarah Werner a new chapter in their professional lives began with the first day of their apprenticeship as office management clerks.

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Investment models of the future - exchange of ideas at the virtual branch talk of the association Zukunft für Finanzberatung e. V.

The 10th branch talk of the association Zukunft für Finanzberatung e.V. takes place on 2 September 2020 at 7 pm. Sebastian Henrichs, CEO of Fondsdepot Bank, the leading German fund platform, will be present. Together with other industry experts, he will speak online about future challenges for…

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Jürgen Neumann appointed Chief Regulatory Officer (CRO). New position within the extended management of Fondsdepot Bank.

The management of Fondsdepot Bank is pleased to announce the appointment of Jürgen Neumann as Chief Regulatory Officer (CRO) with effect from July 1, 2020. Neumann joined the company in January 2019 as Head of Compliance/Anti Money Laundering/Anti Fraud. Only a short time later, his range of…

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Fondsdepot Bank is realigning its sales activities - with immediate effect, the sales managers Sebastian Höft and Valentin Roth will report directly to the spokesman of the management board Sebastian Henrichs.

From now on, sales topics and concerns will receive the highest attention from the top management at Fondsdepot Bank - Germany's largest independent fund platform. The two sales managers Valentin Roth and Sebastian Höft now report directly to CEO Sebastian Henrichs. As Head of Account Management at…

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New Chief Information Officer to promote digitisation at Fondsdepot Bank

Jürgen Knab has been the new Chief Information Officer (CIO) at Fondsdepot Bank - Germany's largest independent fund platform - since 1 May 2020. As a member of the extended circle of management and general representative of the bank, Knab will devote himself intensively to the strategic development…

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Business operations of Fondsdepot Bank continue unchanged!

As a bank headquartered in Bavaria, we will continue our business operations even after the disaster has been declared.


Due to the corona virus, however, large parts of our staff work in the home office. Although so far none of the staff has been affected by an infection, we would like to use…

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Information on year-end shipping

In the period from 9.3. - 27.3.2020 the Fund Custodian Bank will send the annual custody account statements to all custody account holders.

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Fondsdepot Bank named Digital Champion - FOCUS-MONEY confirms the fund platform's progressive approach to digitalisation

On behalf of FOCUS-MONEY and DEUTSCHLAND TEST, the IMWF (Institute for Management and Economic Research) from Hamburg has conducted a large-scale company study "Digital into the new decade". Around 5,000 of the largest companies in Germany in terms of number of employees were examined. The focus was…

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Custody of all types of funds, including clean shares, in a single custody account without transaction costs - with the new Mix Depot from Fondsdepot Bank

Price-sensitive investors are increasingly looking for investment opportunities without any front-end load or transaction costs. The demand for passive investment funds (ETFs) or clean shares is growing. Regardless of what the investor chooses, the Mix Depot of Fondsdepot Bank allows all fund…

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Fondsdepot Bank digitizes distribution for insurance companies with Elinvar

Germany's largest liability umbrella, the Fondsdepot Bank, and the digital platform Elinvar are jointly developing an advisory and brokerage channel that exclusively supports insurance companies in advising and brokering investment shares.

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Capital market outlook 2020 of Fondsdepot Bank

After the global economy cooled off in 2019, the economic conditions for the global economy improved again at the end of the year. Two geopolitical conflicts that kept the global economy in suspense eased in December 2019. On the one hand, there are now signs of a regulated BREXIT at the end of…

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Germany's largest independent fund platform further expands its business - the Fondsdepot Bank in Hof on course for success

In times of a prolonged period of low interest rates, it must be admitted that a simple savings book is no longer the optimal solution for a financial investment. Many savers therefore invest their money in funds. In addition to yield payments, attractive price gains are also possible. A fund or…

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Head of Key Account Management | Valentin Roth

New Head of Account Management

Valentin Roth has been the new Head of Account Management at Fondsdepot Bank - Germany's largest independent fund platform - since 1 st January 2020. In this role, Roth is responsible for the support and further development of business with the major insurance partners of Fondsdepot Bank.

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AXA Germany cooperates with Fondsdepot Bank as future platform for its investment direct business - Long-term partnership serves to expand the range of products and services

• AXA Group and Fondsdepot Bank, Germany's leading fund platform, agree on partnership in the single premium and investment business. For this purpose the parent company of Fondsdepot Bank, a wholly-owned subsidiary of DXC Technology Company, takes over all shares of AXA Bank in Germany.



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Together against blood cancer - the Fondsdepot Bank unpacks the cotton swabs

Blood cancer can affect anyone. In Germany alone, one person receives this diagnosis every 15 minutes. When the husband of an employee fell seriously ill and now urgently needed a stem cell donation, the Fondsdepot Bank also became active. On September 30, 2019, the company, in cooperation with the…

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kununu TOP COMPANY and OPEN COMPANY – the Fondsdepot Bank was awarded

The Fondsdepot Bank was awarded the two seals of approval TOP COMPANY and OPEN COMPANY by the employer assessment platform kununu.com. This makes it one of the 5.2% of the best-rated employers on the platform.

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PSD2 and amendments of the special terms and conditions for the use of fund banking and the InfoManager

PSD2 (Payment Services Directive2) is an EU directive for the regulation of payment services and payment service providers, whose objectives are ...

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Fondsdepot Bank | Serviceentgelte

Financial intermediaries are increasingly relying on service fees to guarantee income

The final implementation of the requirements under MiFID II has still to occur in the Financial Intermediary Ordinance (FinVermV). Nevertheless, many financial intermediaries are already preparing today to secure their income for the future. This is increasing the focus on service fees. This is…

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Fondsdepot Bank | InfoManager

Always well-informed with InfoManager - your electronic mailbox

The InfoManager is the central location for your communication Fondsdepot Bank provides all documents to you at a central location - the entire correspondence, account statements, cost information, tax certificates, etc.

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Fondsdepot Bank | Ex-Post-Kosteninformation

Ex-post cost information of Fondsdepot Bank

The requirements on cost information to investors have once again risen clearly with the entry into force of MiFID II at the beginning of 2018. Whereas in the past year investors were given an overview of the costs to be expected of an investment with the so-called "ex-ante cost information",…

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Fondsdepot Bank | Depotübersicht

Fondsdepot Bank mails quarterly portfolio overview for the first time

Instead of as previously - once a year - Fondsdepot Bank with immediate effect will be mailing a portfolio overview with a list of funds held in the portfolio, the number of shares held and the prices on the reporting date 31/03/2019. This change is based on a requirement of the European MiFID II…

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 Fondsdepot Bank | API

Digital product development: Fondsdepot Bank introduces transaction API.

Up to the launch date of the new transaction API on 1 July 2019, sales organisations can carry out modifications and test in their systems together with us. After this the transitional period for free execution of offline orders* will also end. The test environment will be available at the end of…

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New Digital Transformation Manager - Christian Kröger to manage digital change processes in newly created position

Christian Kröger is Digital Transformation Manager at Fondsdepot Bank In the newly created position, he will be a fundamental driver of the change process the bank has committed itself to in the coming years. The focus will be on the further development and alignment of the fund platform to current…

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Jürgen Neumann is the new Head of Compliance at Fondsdepot Bank

The company lawyer Jürgen Neumann has been the new Head of Compliance/Anti Money Laundering/Anti Fraud at Fondsdepot Bank in Hof since January 2019. His tasks include ensuring the implementation and observance of statutory and supervisory law requirements in the bank and liability umbrella for…

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Fondsdepot Bank launches additional social media channels

Apart from XING and kununu, interested parties can with immediate effect also exchange information with Fondsdepot Bank on Facebook and LinkedIn. As a result, the company is boosting its proximity to sales organisations and intermediaries and will also become more visible for portfolio holders. In…

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Fondsdepot Bank publishes its capital market outlook for 2019

The economic conditions for the global economy darkened at the end of 2018 due to geopolitical conflicts (US trade policy, BREXIT, Italy/EU conflict, yellow vest protests France). We are also expecting continuing geopolitical uncertainty for 2019, especially with regard to a possible no-deal BREXIT…

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Information on the year-end mailing

During the period from 21/02/ - 08/03/2019, Fondsdepot Bank will be mailing annual portfolio statements and other documents to all portfolio holders.

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Presentation of the Christmas donation by Managing Director Sabine Dittmann-Stenger

Help for the victims of sexual violence - Fondsdepot Bank presents a donation to Schutzhöhle e.V. in Hof

Traditionally, Fondsdepot Bank supports a local association that especially supports children with a Christmas donation of €2,000. This year, the donation was awarded to the Schutzhöhle association. Among other things, Schutzhöhle works on behalf of girls and boys who are under threat of sexual…

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Impressions of the FONDS professionell Congress 2018

Meet us at the most important industry event of the year - the FONDS professionell Congress in Mannheim!

It will be that time again on 30 and 31 January 2019. We will be on the spot with our sales team as exhibitors and look forward to lively exchanges with you. The subjects of automation and digitalisation will take centre stage in the coming year at Fondsdepot Bank. We are going to expand our API…

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Participants of the Precious Metals Conference

Precious Metals Conference of Fondsdepot Bank at the Leipziger Edelmetallverarbeitung (LEV)

Beginning this year, Fondsdepot Bank is offering a gold portfolio to investors who save money every month to buy gold. The arguments in favour of investing in physical gold and how the gold portfolio works in detail were explained to representatives of sales organisations and intermediaries as part…

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Ulrich Kehm is the new Head of Business Development

Fondsdepot Bank is further expanding its competences: Since mid-September 2018, Ulrich Kehm has reinforced the strategic business orientation of the fund platform as Head of Business Development. The organisation and business development expert reports directly in his role to the CEO of the…

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Competitive comparison Fondsdepot Bank

New conditions apply at Fondsdepot Bank from 1 January 2019.

On 1 January 2019, the new price and service list of Fondsdepot Bank will enter into force for portfolio holders affiliated via pools and independent financial intermediaries. After five years of price stability, the portfolio models have undergone a fundamental overhaul and been designed to be…

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First advance flat-rate on 02/01/2019

For the first time on 2 January 2019, investors in an investment fund will in general be taxed at the beginning of each succeeding year on the basis of an advance flat-rate. The capital gains tax for this standard tax base is calculated by the entity managing the custody account and directly paid to…

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Corporate Design | Fondsdepot Bank

New-look Fondsdepot Bank

Over the last year, Fondsdepot Bank has implemented a new corporate design, which also forms the basis of the new website that has been online since 13/09/2018. Fondsdepot Bank is constantly evolving and investing in new products and services to offer clients the best possible service experience.…

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Investment & More Congress | Fondsdepot Bank

Investment & More Congress

Meet our sales directors at the Investment & More Roadshow Benjamin Kaiser, Michael Patzelt and Sebastian Höft will be pleased to answer your questions related to the gold portfolio, our new asset management and the Portfolio Management Suite. We look forward to your visit.

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Sebastian Henrichs and Christian Dicke | Fondsdepot Bank

Change at the top of Fondsdepot Bank with Sebastian Henrichs

There has been a change of personnel in the Management Board of Fondsdepot Bank GmbH. On 11 June 2018, Sebastian Henrichs became CEO of the Management Board. The departing CEO, Dr Christian Dicke, left the company for personal reasons and is devoting himself to new challenges. After a cooling-off…

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