Fondsdepot Bank mails quarterly portfolio overview for the first time

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Instead of as previously - once a year - Fondsdepot Bank with immediate effect will be mailing a portfolio overview with a list of funds held in the portfolio, the number of shares held and the prices on the reporting date 31/03/2019. This change is based on a requirement of the European MiFID II regulation to make securities transactions more transparent.

The first mailing of the quarterly portfolio overview will take place from 23/04/2019, initially to all clients using the InfoManager. Postal mailing will occur to all other clients in May 2019.

The following applies to portfolio holders:

  • A portfolio holder only receives a quarterly portfolio overview if there are shares in the portfolio on the last day of the quarter (reference date), 31/03/2019.
  • Portfolios with the activated digital mailbox "InfoManager" only receive the portfolio in digital form.
  • Portfolios without the activated digital mailbox "InfoManager" only receive the portfolio via physical form.

Here you can see a specimen view of a quarterly portfolio overview.

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