Rental deposit

You can use the fund custody account, the fund custody account online or the mix custody account to deposit a rental deposit.

You can use an existing securities account to deposit the rent deposit. You can deposit the deposit on the entire securities account, on individual securities holdings or on an individual shareholding. An amount rental deposit is not permitted, the amount of the rental deposit must be converted into units and stated.

By investing the rent deposit in a securities account, the tenant has the opportunity to invest it in securities. Especially due to the current low interest rate policy, this is more profitable than depositing the rent deposit in a savings account, for example.
In this context, both the tenant and the landlord run the risk of price fluctuations: If necessary, the redemption price can fall below the value on the day of the pledge confirmation.

No, the fund selection is not restricted. You can choose from all the funds available in your deposit account.

You can carry out transactions in your securities account during the entire deposit phase. The consent, or legitimation, of the landlord is required to exchange and sell funds. The purchase of funds is not subject to any restrictions.

Only the tenant has access to the securities account. The landlord receives information about the deposit upon request.

There is no charge for setting up a rental deposit in your securities account.

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