¬≠For transactions or changes in your banking portal you need TAN numbers. The pushTAN procedure allows you to conveniently receive these TANs on your mobile device. For your security, everything is encrypted and secured with a personal password. Upon request, you will receive a system-generated TAN on your pushTAN app of the Fondsdepot Bank. Thus, the pushTAN procedure complies with the legal PSD2 guidelines for "strong customer authentication" (SCA).

You are not yet using the pushTAN procedure, but would like to do so? 

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The pushTAN procedure can be used on any mobile and internet-enabled device that uses the operating system iOS version 10.0 (or higher) or Android version 5.0 (or higher). Mobile devices with Windows operating system, MacOS operating system or Blackberry OS are not supported.

You can get the Android version of the pushTAN app of Fondsdepot Bank in the Google Play Store and the iOS version of the pushTAN app of Fondsdepot Bank in the Apple App Store.

  • Download the pushTAN app of Fondsdepot Bank from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.
  • Enter a name for your mobile device in the Banking Portal under the tab "Service - TAN procedure".
  • Register with your access number and the activation code that you have received from Fondsdepot Bank.
  • Assign a password of your own choice.

You can activate five target devices simultaneously.

Yes, with the pushTAN app of Fondsdepot Bank you can link several access numbers.

For security reasons the pushTAN procedure is linked to your mobile device. If you want to use a new mobile device, you have to register and activate your new mobile device again. You can find the registration in your Banking Portal under Service/TAN Management.

Using and downloading the pushTAN app of Fondsdepot Bank is free of charge. Please refer to your mobile phone contract for the fees for your mobile Internet access.

The Fondsdepot Bank will exclusively use the pushTAN procedure in the future. However, you will be able to order transactions via your personal advisor and continue to access your account details online without having to enter any pushTAN.

Due to legal requirements, the iTAN procedure (paper-based iTAN list) was discontinued as of September 14, 2019 for customers with cash accounts. According to the new PSD2 guideline, transactions in the cash account require "strong customer authentication" (SCA), which the iTAN procedure cannot guarantee. Here you can find more information about PSD2.

Customers without a cash account can still use their current iTAN list until further notice. If your iTAN list is exhausted, please register for our pushTAN procedure.

  • Never enter passwords and/or pins on third-party websites or pass them on by phone. Never save them on your computer either.
  • We will never ask you to enter a TAN unless you have initiated a transaction or self-service.
  • Never enter more than one TAN at a time.
  • We will never ask you to perform transactions of any kind.
  • We will never ask you to give us your pin or password over the phone.
  • We will never ask you - either by telephone or SMS - to install another app or software in addition to the Fund Custodian Bank's pushTAN app.
  • If you notice an unusual procedure, do not make any entries and contact our Customer Care Center as soon as possible at +49 9281 7258-3000.

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