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Your fund asset management

As the leading independent fund platform in Germany, we have developed an actively managed and innovative capital investment for individual requirements - the Fondsdepot Bank fund asset management. We thus offer you the supreme discipline of investment - multi-asset management.

In designing the fund asset management, we use third party experts (asset and portfolio managers) to analyse and align the strategy portfolios. They put together what they consider to be the best products and asset classes on the market according to defined rules for selection and timing - resulting in an optimally diversified client portfolio. Individual investment timing of these portfolios is adjusted by regular rebasing of the sample structure. This standardisation ensures enormous speed from the decision to the execution of a transaction.

Not only do you benefit from maximum know-how for your clients, but with our technology you also benefit from maximum transparency, control, security as well as flexibility and enjoy a user-friendly tool that enables you to carry out a wide range of actions online quickly and efficiently.

Capital market outlook of Fondsdepot Bank for the year 2022

The right strategy for your customers

1. individual needs

Every client is different and has a different risk appetite, which often depends on the phase of life and the life situation. Advisors and intermediaries are entrusted with the trustworthy task of finding the right investment instrument together with the client according to his or her situation and risk tolerance.

2. active management of capital

Free your clients from having to think about or evaluate individual investment instruments. Your clients give us their individual views on risk tolerance and investment preferences, and Fondsdepot Bank and its experienced asset managers put together the right portfolio and investment strategy.

3. technical featuress

While you benefit from many convenient features and can, for example, technically transfer securities from third-party banks and manage deposits/withdrawals online, your clients as custody account holders also receive read-only online access including InfoManager in the client portal for reasons of transparency.

The advantages of fund asset management

Our fund asset management offers numerous advantages that have a positive effect on your workflow as an advisor and allow you to concentrate fully on your clients.

  • From a single source: asset management and custody account management
  • Risk-adjusted: permanent monitoring of the loss threshold of 10 % per strategy
  • Favourable: distribution of portfolio commissions leads to a reduction in asset management fees.
  • Profitable: the annual distribution fee is 90 basis points incl. VAT on the average assets under management.
  • Time-saving: You do not have to spend time logging fund changes within the investment advisory service.
  • Minimising expenses
  • Optimisation: permanent optimisation of the custody account as well as permanently constant income from the distribution fee, irrespective of the orientation of the custody account composition.

Our processes at a glance

Asset management process

Allocation process

Efficient workflow

Order paths from the asset manager to the VV client custody account

Automatic rebalancing to maintain the portfolio structure

Our partner

As asset managers, we work together with third party experts who we introduce to you below.


Patriarch Liontrust Managed Portfolio Service

The Patriarch Liontrust Managed Portfolio Service (MPS), which we offer in cooperation with Consortia Vermögensverwaltung AG, offers investors a broad selection of target risk portfolios. The portfolios are actively managed by John Husselbee and Paul Kim, two of Liontrust's renowned investment advisors based in London. Among the different portfolios, investors can select those that are managed according to a risk profile that suits them and helps them to achieve their investment goals - even under changing market conditions and economic cycles. By using different funds, fund managers, investment regions and asset classes, the portfolios create efficient diversification for investors.

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Transparent conditions

Patriarch Liontrust

  • Annual custody account fee incl. VAT: 45 EURO
  • One-off strategy fee on new investments incl. VAT: between 3% and 5%
  • Annual asset management fee on average assets under management incl. VAT: up to 1.96 %
    • of which management/custody share:
      1,01 %
    • of which distribution share: up to 0.95%
  • Volume-dep. Transaction costs for ETFs plus ATC expenses (additional trading costs): 0.10%

To the factsheets

* Custody account management 45 EUR p.a., free for minors; no transaction costs; ETF transaction fees may apply

General risk information on the investment

The consideration of the risk and return profile of the strategies described herein is based on historical data which cannot be relied upon as an indication of future risk and return profiles. Risk and return estimates are subject to change. A strategy classified in the lowest risk category (Category 1) does not in principle represent a completely risk-free investment. The portfolio values of the strategies presented here may fluctuate. For this reason, both higher loss and profit opportunities may occur.

The following risks in particular may be of importance to investors. These risks can impair the performance of the portfolio and thus also have a negative impact on the portfolio value and the invested capital. The portfolio value may at any time fall below the cost price at which the client invested.

Capital markets are subject to typical fluctuations due to economic data and political events, which are not infrequently unpredictable. Interrelationships with currencies or other markets can also have an influence on a supposedly safe asset class.

The risk of a loss due to exchange rate fluctuations or due to foreign exchange regulations.

The risk associated with investing in countries whose political, economic, legal and regulatory systems are less developed and in countries that may be affected by political and/or economic instability, lack of liquidity or transparency or security problems.

The risk that arises when adverse market conditions reduce the ability to sell assets when necessary. Reduced liquidity can have a negative impact on the market value of the assets.

The management of the assets depends on the analytical skills and the aptitude of the managers. In case of doubt, these can lead to misjudgements or misinterpretations of the markets.