Your fund deposit

Are you looking for competent and trustworthy services for the management and administration of investments in investment funds? Then Fondsdepot Bank is just the right professional partner for you. Open a fund custody account, make your fund selection, make your purchases - that's it! We take care of everything else for you. With our fund custody account, we offer you a custody account with multi-fund capability. Customers benefit from our comprehensive range of services:

  • Around 13,000 funds can be selected
  • Service fee agreement possible
  • Savings, withdrawal and exchange plan possible
  • Opening possible as individual, joint, minority and company custody accounts
  • Optional: Kick-back of portfolio commissions to custody account holders
  • Annual flat rate on the complete fund universe of Fondsdepot Bank
  • No additional costs such as transaction fees (ETFs excluded)
  • Free electronic mailbox
  • Invest in line with the times
  • Individual dating of savings and withdrawal plans
  • Quick access to your custody account via online orders in the customer portal
  • Free cash account

The business model of Fondsdepot Bank

You ask yourself, what our business model looks like? Here you can see at a glance how Fondsdepot Bank, clients and advisors or agents interact and what the relationships are.


The advantages of a fund deposit

Risk diversification

An investment fund, also called a fund for short, is generally referred to as a pool or pot of capital. It collects money from investors and savers and invests this capital in very different asset classes according to a predefined investment guideline. These can be shares, interest-bearing bonds, real estate and other assets. The advantage for individual investors is that they can make a very broadly diversified fund investment even with small amounts, which is also managed professionally and on a daily basis.



Investment funds are special assets. Special assets are the investment capital of fund investors that is separated from the assets of the investment company or the capital management company (KVG). This separation protects the investment fund from being accessed by the investment company itself or its creditors (even in the event of insolvency). It is therefore not subject to the KVG's insolvency estate, which eliminates the default risk for investors.



Investing in investment funds is very flexible. Investors can invest once or place monthly savings orders. The custodian transfers the collected orders daily at the so-called net asset value (NAV) to the capital management company, which redeems or issues the fund units. This means that investors can buy and sell fund units on a daily basis.


The costs of an investment fund are shown transparently. Every six months, the fund companies provide comprehensive reports on all transactions carried out. Investors can monitor the performance of investment funds at any time in the press or on the internet.

That's what makes the fund custody account so popular...

... the one-off investment

You can open a fund custody account for your customers for as little as EUR 250.

... the savings plan

Your customers can purchase fund units on a regular basis for as little as EUR 25 per month.

... the payout plan

Would your clients like to sell their fund investments gradually and receive a fixed amount each month? Then they can benefit from our payout plan from an investment amount of EUR 5,000 and a monthly payout of EUR 25.

... the exchange plan

Invest step by step. Depending on your clients' needs, they park their one-time investment in a money market fund in the first step and then swap the units piece by piece into a riskier form of investment.


With a fund custody account, you as an advisor can show your clients the many possibilities that make this form of investment so popular.

Price overview

Fund custody account:

  • EUR 69.00 per year, plus EUR 5.00 per partial order (purchase/sale)


Fund custody account online:

  • 39.00 EUR per year, without transaction fee for online use only
  • For minors free of charge for online use only

The fund custody account with online access

Use our fund banking service to manage your custody account.

If you have any questions about your custody account, please contact:
Service-Line: +49 9281 7258-3000,
Mon – Fri from 08:00 – 20:00 hrs
E-Mail: info(at)


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