Fund custody account - the right storage location for fund shares

We offer you a multi-fund compatible custody account with our fund custody account. The client benefits here from our comprehensive service spectrum:

  • About 11,000 funds can be selected
  • Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)
  • Agreement of service fee possible
  • Savings, payment and exchange plan possible
  • Opening as individual, community, minor and company custody account possible
  • Optional: Kick-back of trailer fees to the custody account holder

The business model of Fondsdepot Bank

You're asking yourself what our business model looks like? Here you can see at a glance how Fondsdepot Bank, clients and advisors or intermediaries interact and what interconnections exist.

The classic custody account - the basis of fund investment

You're looking for expert and trustworthy services related to the administration and management of financial investments in investment funds? Then Fondsdepot Bank is exactly right as professional partner for you. Open a fund custody account, select the fund, make purchases - you're done! We do everything else for you.

The low-cost fund custody account of Fondsdepot Bank sets hardly any limits to your options, when it comes to managing funds. You can individually assemble our custody account from a selection of over 11,000 funds from more than 300 investment companies. Find out about the options of our fund custody accounts!

  • Annual flat rate on the complete fund universe of Fondsdepot Bank
  • No additional costs such as transaction fees (excluding ETFs)
  • Free electronic post box
  • Contemporary investment
  • Individual dating of saving and payment plans
  • Faster access to your custody account via online orders in the client portal
  • Free cash account

The advantages of a fund custody account

Icon risk management | Fondsdepot Bank

Risk management

An investment fund, also known, for short, as a fund, is generally identified as being a receptacle or pot for capital. It collects money from investors and savers and invests this capital according to a previously defined investment guideline in completely different asset classes. This could involve shares, interest-bearing bonds, real estate and other assets. The advantage for the individual investor is that he can achieve a very widely diversified fund investment directly with small amounts, and on top of that, with professional daily management.

Icon protection | Fondsdepot Bank


Investment funds are special assets. Special assets are the investment capital of the fund investor, which is separated from the assets of the investment company or capital management company. Through separation, the special assets are protected against access by the investment company itself or its creditors (also in the case of insolvency). Consequently, they are not part of the insolvency estate of the capital management company, meaning the risk of default is excluded for the investor.

Icon flexibility | Fondsdepot Bank


Financial investment in investment funds is very flexible. Investors can make both one-time investments as well as issue monthly savings orders. For this purpose, the custodian body transfers the collected orders daily at the so-called net asset value (NAV) to the capital management company, which takes back or issues the fund units. As a result, the investor can buy and sell his fund units on a daily basis.

Icon transparency| Fondsdepot Bank


The costs of an investment fund are shown transparently. Every half-year, the fund companies provide information in comprehensive reports about all transactions made. Investors can watch the value development of investment funds in the press or on the Internet at any time.

Custody account management made easy

  • Handy and clear: all services related to the custody account from a reliable source
  • Keep track: all information always retrievable via the portal
  • Affordable: a comprehensive service package at on attractive terms
  • Fast, flexible access: simply issue orders online
  • Secure: maximum security standards at all levels

This is what makes the fund custody account so popular...

... the one-time investment
You can open a fund custody account for your clients with just 250 EUR

... the savings plan
For just 25 EUR a month, your clients can regularly purchase fund units.

... the payment plan
Would your clients like to sell their fund investments gradually and receive a fixed amount every month? They can then benefit from our payment plan from an investment amount of 5,000 EUR and a monthly payment from 25 EUR.

... the exchange plan
Investment step by step. According to the needs of your clients, they 'park' their one-time investment initially in a money market fund and then exchange the units gradually for a riskier form of investment.

As an advisor, you can indicate many different options to your clients with a fund custody account, which is what makes this investment form so popular.

Price overview

Fund custody account:

  • 55.00 EUR annually, plus 5.00 EUR per partial order (sale/purchase)

Fondsdepot Online:

  • 30.00 EUR annually without transaction fee in the case of pure online use
  • Free of charge to minors in the case of pure online use

The fund custody account with online access

Make use of our fund banking to administer your custody account.

For questions related to your custody account, contact:
Service line: +49 9281 7258-3000, Mon – Fri from 8.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m.
E-mail: info(at)