Customers who have their registered office or place of residence in Switzerland are affected. It is not relevant what nationality the customers have.

  • Fondsdepot Bank will inform customers by mail from 17.12.2021 of the termination of the custody account/gold custody account or cash account and will terminate the business relationship with the affected customers as of 31 March 2022.
  • As early as 01.01.2022, the securities account will be blocked, from which time no more purchases in these securities accounts will be possible. Existing savings plans will be deleted.
  • Fondsdepot Bank offers you the option of transferring holdings to other custodians or selling the holdings by March 2022 at the latest.
  • If no response is received from you within the notice period, the units will be sold and the proceeds transferred to the currently known bank account.
  • Please check the available bank details (reference bank details) to ensure that the proceeds are paid out. If no bank details are known, the proceeds will be booked to an internal bank account of Fondsdepot Bank and we will contact you again.
  • If all attempts to determine the bank details fail, we will consider depositing the funds with the local court.

It is possible to transfer units to Switzerland, provided that the bank can hold the respective funds in custody in the system.

With reference to our General Terms and Conditions, once the termination takes effect on 31.03.2022, the portfolio in the securities account will be sold and the proceeds transferred to you. The price at which the portfolio is sold depends on the time of execution in connection with trading and settlement modalities of the respective fund. Due to the order modalities, no fixed price day, no fixed allocation to a certain trading time of an investment fund and no fixed settlement price can be promised.

Investment fund units that are suspended from redemption due to the decision of the investment company, are redeemed in several scheduled tranches, or cannot be sold for other reasons at the time the termination takes effect, remain in the securities account until the sale of the units is possible. After payment has been made, the securities account will be closed accordingly.

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