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Fondsdepot Bank - independent service provider and partner

Fondsdepot Bank GmbH (formerly GKS Gesellschaft für Kontenservice) is a German bank based in Hof (Saale). Fondsdepot Bank holds a full banking licence, is supervised by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) and the European Central Bank (ECB) and is also a member of the Compensation Scheme of German Private Banks (Entschädigungseinrichtung deutscher Banken GmbH).

As a business-to-business to client (B2B2C) provider, Fondsdepot Bank focuses on three main product and client groups: Retail custody account management in partnership with independent financial service providers and broker pools, central fund ordering and depository management for institutional investors as well as business process outsourcing for banks, insurance companies and investment companies. Fondsdepot Bank is product- and bank-independent and looks after over 180 major sales partners, the sales organisations of major insurance companies and banks as well as numerous well-known capital management companies. Not least thanks to these diverse client groups, we have a broad market and solution expertise from which each and every one of our clients benefits equally. 

With over two decades of experience, over one million securities accounts and over 400 employees, we are the leading independent custody account management specialist. We handle all administrative tasks smoothly - no matter whether you come to us as a private client through an intermediary, work with us as a sales partner or transfer business processes to us. Top quality is a matter of course. But we go one step further: Thanks to our manpower and experience, we can implement your individual client requirements - quickly, pragmatically and beyond pre-defined models!

Our Management

The management of Fondsdepot Bank manages the company with strategic foresight. On the basis of comprehensive expertise in banking and finance as well as many years of experience, the management contributes significantly to the great success of Fondsdepot Bank.


Sebastian Henrichs | Fondsdepot Bank
CEO – Sebastian Henrichs

As CEO, Sebastian Henrichs is responsible for Strategy, Finance, Treasury, Trading & Credit and Human Resources. After several years in auditing and consulting at Deloitte (Frankfurt), Sebastian Henrichs joined Fondsdepot Bank in 2012. There he initially headed the Management Reporting and Controlling department in the Financial Services sector and assumed the role of Chief Financial Officer in April 2013. Since 2015 he has also been General Manager of the company.

Finance, Human Resources, Treasury, Trading & Credit, Marketing
Sabine Dittmann-Stenger | Fondsdepot Bank
COO – Sabine Dittmann-Stenger

As Managing Director, Sabine Dittmann-Stenger is responsible for Operations, Liability Umbrella, Internal Audit, Compliance/AML/Anti-Fraud, Legal, Risk Control, Data Protection and Information Security. Following her career in the Allianz Group, she joined the company in 2011 and has since been responsible for various business areas such as IT, organization, regulatory functions and account management. Previously Managing Director of the Gesellschaft für Kontenservice (GKS) - from which Fondsdepot Bank emerged - she was appointed General Agent for the market side and regulatory functions in April 2013. In October 2013 she was appointed to the Management Board with responsibility for the market side and has been COO for the back office side since September of the following year.

Operations, Liability umbrella & fund asset management, Digital Transformation Management, Customer Care Center, Risk Control & Information Security, Compliance / AML / Anti Fraud, Legal & Data Protection and Internal Audit
Beate Richartz | Fondsdepot Bank
CCO – Beate Richartz

In her role, Beate Richartz is responsible for Account Management and Sales. As head of liability umbrella & fund asset management, Richartz has been responsible for the successful development and effective organisation of these two new business areas at Fondsdepot Bank for the past two years. Richartz has many years of specialist and management experience in the field of fund trading platforms with a focus on sales and fund procurement/ custody. Among other things, she was managing director at Metzler FundServices GmbH, part of Metzler Asset Management.

Account Management, Business Partner Management, Sales Management

25 years of experience in the fund business

We make your fund business more lucrative and easier. Because we can look back on two decades of experience and have grown continuously over this period. As a leading independent banking service provider, we now offer you our services in Germany!

We have played an active part in the market consolidation of recent years: The first milestone was the integration of Munich-based FondsServiceBank (FSB) in May 2009. Fondsdepot Bank took over all sales partner contracts as well as the approximately 460,000 client contracts of FondsServiceBank for the custody and management of investment fund custody accounts. The migration of the custody accounts to the IT platform of Fondsdepot Bank was successfully completed in April 2010 "on time and on budget". The second milestone was the takeover of the B2B investment account business for SEB Bank and SEB Asset Management, announced at the beginning of 2010. Another important step in this direction was the transaction with VERITAS INVESTMENT TRUST in April 2010.

We have also recorded continuous growth in our retail custody account management - the cooperation with financial investment brokers on our open platform. Thanks to numerous new sales cooperation measures, we grew organically by around 20 per cent in 2010 alone.

Today, we look after more than one million custody accounts with a volume of around 40 billion euros in assets under administration for over 180 major sales partners, the sales organisations of major insurance companies and banks as well as numerous well-known capital management companies!

Since the company was founded, our main and processing location has been rooted in the region and is based in Hof, in Franconia. With our additional service locations in the financial centres of Munich and Frankfurt, we have our fingers on the pulse of the market and can respond optimally to the needs of our local clients.

Topical information on Fondsdepot Bank – transparent and reliable

Customers of Fondsdepot Bank expect a reliable, trustworthy financial partner. We are committed to the success of our business customers and to the growth of our bank. This commitment is also reflected in our key performance indicators.

Our locations

Fondsdepot Bank GmbH
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Fondsdepot Bank GmbH
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