Your StrategyInvestment fund custody account

Let us manage your assets

The StrategyInvestment fund custody account enables dynamic trading. In cooperation with asset managers, you as a ยง 34f GewO advisor can offer your clients actively managed strategies.
Asset managers define various strategies using our "Portfolio Management Suite" software. These strategies are mapped in the client's custody account. Transactions are initiated by asset managers and executed fully automatically. What makes our StrategieInvestment Fondsdept so attractive:

  • Strategy fee incl. individual discount options
  • Savings and payout plans possible
  • Regular automated and one-off individual rebalancing possible
  • Can be opened as an individual, joint or minority custody account
  • A wide range of detailed analysis options

The Fondsdepot Bank business model

Are you wondering how our business model works and what our relationship is with our business and end customers?
Basically, it's quite simple:


Your Strategie­Investment fund custody account with all-round service

You don't have the time to keep an eye on the financial market every day, but you still want to be flexible with your investments? Both can be realised with the help of the cost-effective StrategyInvestment fund custody account. An expert chosen by you manages your assets in your interest. The fund custody account bank provides the technical basis to act quickly on the capital market and to manage the custody account in a risk-optimised manner.

Within the framework of a previously defined investment guideline between you and the asset manager, the latter can make investment decisions independently. The basis for this is a corresponding power of attorney, which, in contrast to classic investment advice, simplifies the documentation of purchases, sales and reallocations. The directive regulates on the one hand the investment approach and thus the orientation of the portfolio, and on the other hand the target and risk parameters defined within the contract. All in all, this should lead to improved opportunity identification and risk limitation.

Fondsdepot Bank is the professional for smooth administration of this portfolio behind the scenes. With more than two decades of experience in fund banking, around one million managed investment portfolios with around EUR 56 billion in assets under administration and nearly 500 employees, Fondsdepot Bank is the leading independent custody account management specialist in Germany (as of 01/2023).

Asset management made easy - the StrategieInvestment

Fondsdepot offers you...

... a broad investment spectrum

Within the fund universe of the Fondsdepot Bank, our asset managers have access to around 3,500 strategy-capable funds that offer a wide range of investment opportunities within the chosen strategy.

... flexible modification

Capital market changes can be quickly adjusted within the asset management mandate. The simple control of the model portfolio helps asset managers to implement investment decisions in a concentrated manner and to align client portfolios in a risk-optimised manner.

... agile access

Flexible deposits and withdrawals in your StrategyInvestment portfolio. For deposits and withdrawals, fund holdings are automatically bought and sold in the specified ratio.

... variable structuring options

Additional optimisation of payment transactions via the free cash account.

... reporting

Within the scope of asset management, you receive all accounting documents in the InfoManager. Every quarter you receive a detailed overview of your investment and its performance. Of course, you will receive your annual custody account statement and your annual tax certificate by post at no extra cost.

... loss threshold

Daily monitoring and valuation of the assets you have invested is required by law and is guaranteed by Fondsdepot Bank Reporting. Thus, should the total value of the portfolio assessed at the beginning of a reporting period fall by 10% or should further losses in value occur in 10% increments, you will receive a corresponding loss in value notice.

StrategyInvestment fund custody account price overview

  • Single investment: possible from 1,000 EUR
  • Savings plan: possible from 50 EUR/month
  • Annual custody account fee: Custody account management fee 65 EUR for the StrategieInvestment fund custody account

There are no additional costs for transactions, rebalancing, fund orders or the processing of purchases, sales and savings plans - only exchange traded funds (ETF) incur transaction-related costs of 0.20% plus ATC (Additional Trading Costs) on the corresponding volume. Advisory fees, such as the asset management fee or any strategy fees, are independent of Fondsdepot Bank and are agreed directly with the asset manager.

The fund custody account with online access

Use our fund banking service to manage your custody account.

If you have any questions about your custody account, please contact:
Service-Line: +49 9281 7258-3000,
Mon - Fri from 08:00 - 20:00 hrs
E-Mail: info(at)


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