Innovative asset management implemented in record time in a legally compliant manner

In view of the implementation of the FinVermV, many brokers are currently toying with the idea of turning their backs on detailed investment advice via fund picking. Asset managements are a sensible alternative. Patriarch Multi-Manger GmbH and its asset management partner Liontrust are also focusing on this trend: together with Fondsdepot Bank, they implemented the Patriarch Liontrust Managed Portfolio Service in Germany. This novel form of asset management focuses on the customer's risk appetite and life situation and is not restricted by predefined themes.


"Classic asset managements usually focus on `defensive, offensive and balanced` in their strategic options," says Dirk Fischer, Managing Director of Patriarch, explaining the previous solutions on the market. "Also with this new asset management there is the choice between the three strategies `growth`, `income` and `dynamic beta` - the difference is however that with each of these main areas again can be selected from up to 8 different risk inclinations. This gives intermediaries a total of 22 strategies to best position almost any investment type in any situation in life."

Liontrust has already been successful with this concept on the English market since 2013. For the successful implementation in Germany, the Frankfurt-based Patriarch Multi-Manager GmbH relies not only on the expertise of Liontrust, but also on Fondsdepot Bank as the liable asset manager. In addition to the necessary experience, the leading German fund platform also provides existing structures that enabled the launch to be completed within a very short time. The selection of strategies is in the hands of Patriarch and Liontrust advisors, while Fondsdepot Bank provides clean processes and legal security in the background.

Shortly after the go-live a few weeks ago, Fondsdepot Bank was able to demonstrate its expertise once again: In addition to private customers, corporate customers - whose investments are subject to special legal requirements - were also to benefit from the Patriarch Liontrust Managed Portfolio Service. Fondsdepot Bank was also able to fulfill this request. Sebastian Höft, Head of Business Partner Management at Fondsdepot Bank, is enthusiastic about this short-term advancement. "Companies in particular are suffering from the current low-interest phase and are desperately looking for attractive investment options. Strategies that meet the regulatory requirements for corporate customers already existed - therefore it was no problem for our professionals to make asset management available for this customer group as well within a few weeks!"




About Fondsdepot Bank GmbH:

"We - Fondsdepot Bank - are the platform for trading and holding funds in Germany that has no product interests of its own. Our partners decide independently how and which products they offer their customers for investment. In doing so, they do not have to worry about us poaching their customers. We focus on neutrality and joint success. This is also the reason why Germany's largest insurance and financial sales companies trust us and work closely with us.

More than 200 sales partners of various sizes rely on our expertise and experience. We have been able to support many of them since our company was founded in 1993 with our services relating to the trading and safekeeping of funds. Our partners can rely on us to master the regulatory framework for the entire value chain. As the largest liability umbrella in Germany, we have a special responsibility in this regard.

We also leverage our in-house expertise - from legal to IT to operations and our own customer care center. This makes us the only fund platform in Germany that is functionally completely independent. So it's no surprise that no other platform manages as much customer assets (as of January 1, 2021, over 52 billion euros) as we do."




About Patriarch Multi-Manager GmbH

As an investment team, Patriarch Multi-Manager GmbH focuses its product range on broadly diversified funds of funds and asset management strategies. Above all, Patriarch provides independent financial advisors with valuable building blocks for asset allocation. Patriarch was founded in 2004 and today manages around €263 million AuM (as of 31.12.2020).

For larger partners, Patriarch also launches funds of funds with its own label. Patriarch selects the best managers for its investors and mandates them with the management of the initiated products. This gives investors access to expertise that is otherwise only available to very wealthy families and institutions, and at the same time they can be sure that with Patriarch they will always benefit from the services of market and innovation leaders. In addition, Patriarch is known as a product forger for various equity funds and also of two label policies (with AXA and HDI).

For selected premium distribution partners, Patriarch also handles third-party distribution, such as for Mediolanum International Funds Limited (AuC in this business area as of 31.12.2020 is € 585 million).

At the beginning of 2017, Patriarch also launched the "truevest" robo-advisor ( for extremely cost-conscious self-decision-makers.


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