Gold custody account

With each savings instalment or one-off payment, the customer acquires (co-)ownership of physical gold after the transaction has been executed. Once the full savings amount has been reached, the customer also has ownership of the selected gold product.

In the gold custody account there is the possibility of a one-time investment or a savings plan.

A one-time investment is possible from 250 €.

Savings plans can be invested from 25 €. In addition to a monthly installment payment there is also the possibility to save every two months, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. There is no minimum saving period.

A withdrawal plan is not possible.

The gold products currently offered by us are fine gold with a purity of 999.9 (exception: gold coin Krugerrand: 916.6).
Currently available for selection:

  • ¼ oz gold coin Philharmonic Orchestra
  • 1 oz gold coin Krugerrand
  • 100 g gold bars
  • 250 g gold bars
  • 500 g gold bars

The current buying and selling rates of the offered gold products can be found on our Homepage.

The acquired gold is stored in a secure location, currently at the German Geiger Edelmetalle AG in a high-security safe. Separated from the company's own inventory, whole pieces of gold are stored in specially marked steel cabinets. At the end of each month, two employees of the company check the inventory and the Fondsdepot Bank carries out an annual inventory of the gold values of its customers. In addition, the stored gold is specially insured, even during delivery.

Delivery of the selected gold product is possible if the precious metal product has been purchased in full. Fractions cannot be handed over. The delivery charges for gold products with a net commodity value of less than 12,000 € are 15 €, for gold products with a net commodity value from 12,000 € up to and including 250,000 € the delivery costs 40 €. An individual offer will be made for goods with a net value of 250,000 € or more. The transport is extra insured.

There is no sales tax on the gold products available for selection. If gold products are sold after a holding period of one year, any exchange gains are tax-free.

  • Gold is a hedge against inflation.
  • Possible price gains are tax-free after one year.
  • The price of gold is largely unaffected by the stock markets.
  • High production costs form a natural price floor.
  • Through the Fondsbanking Portal you have transparent insight into the purchased shares and the daily price development at all times.

Yes, a sale is possible at any time without notice.

The purchase or sale of gold (co-)ownership shares cannot be revoked as their price depends on fluctuations on the financial market over which the Fondsdepot Bank has no influence.

As the gold holdings are the property of the customers, they are protected in the event of insolvency of the Fondsdepot Bank or the custodian, currently Geiger Edelmetalle AG.

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