Additional temporary liquidity

Your securities loan

Your client needs temporary liquidity and does not want to sell any fund units or receive tax-free holdings? We offer the securities loan from Fondsdepot Bank as an alternative.

Why sell tax-free fund units when the securities loan provides temporary liquidity? There is no earmarking for the use of the loan amount. In addition, your client benefits from our flexible modalities. For example, share disposals or the setting up of deposit and withdrawal plans are possible at any time during the term of the loan. Furthermore, redemption is possible through the sale of securities.

Things to know about the securities loan

A securities loan, also called a securities credit, is granted as a cash credit on a current cash account. It is also called a securities loan because this form of credit is mainly used to buy securities. There are two basic ways in which securities credit can be used:


  • Money can be borrowed from the bank for the purpose of purchasing securities. However, the securities purchased with it are then considered a pledge for the loan. This form of credit is known as a Lombard loan.
  • If securities already exist in a securities account, they are lent against money.

The securities loan from Fondsdepot Bank

  • Unlimited term
  • Uncomplicated application without Schufa information
  • Fast disbursement
  • No earmarking of the credit amount
  • Up to 40 % credit line on the deposit value
  • Share and cash withdrawals possible at any time
  • Credit line from EUR 5,000 to EUR 100,000 possible

The advantages of our securities loan

The securities loan can be provided quickly and used flexibly, as it can be accessed at any time after the credit line has been granted and can thus react quickly to certain market developments. Securities loans also offer more flexibility in terms of repayment than other financing options. Borrowers can decide for themselves when and how much they want to repay, as no minimum repayment is prescribed.

The securities loan has a variable interest rate that is linked to the reference interest rate. Depending on the current market situation, interest rate adjustments are possible at any time. Our securities loan allows 50% lending on investment funds, up to a maximum of 40% of the total deposit value.

Current interest rate (variabel, as of 1 May 2024):
6.14% p.a. (effective 6.29% p.a.)1,2

1 Since 1.1.2017, the standard interest rate conditions of theof the Fondsdepot Bank apply.

2 The reference interest rate for the securities loan is the EURIBOR three-month money published by the Deutsche Bundesbank. If the main bases for calculating the reference interest rate change or if it can no longer be determined temporarily or permanently, the Bank shall use the reference interest rate that replaces EURIBOR Dreimonatsgeld or another suitable reference interest rate. This cannot be named at present. The Bank will provide information on the new reference interest rate in due course.

Notes on the securities loan

Credit transactions always involve a certain risk. A certain limit should therefore not be exceeded. Repayment of the loan is unavoidable. Please note that the investment funds deposited with us as collateral have a have a daily market value, which is subject to fluctuations on the stock exchange. In the event that the prices of the securities fall, we may have to ask the client to increase the collateral. He or she can then decide whether the loan is repaid or the collateral is strengthened.