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Our gold custody account - definitely the right decision

Gold is materialised purchasing power and an investment that is free of third-party rights. Collecting gold has always been seen in the context of security. It is the only means of payment that has retained its value over thousands of years. For many people, gold is therefore a perpetual guarantor of stability, which is why investing in gold is so attractive for your clients. But gold is also subject to fluctuations in value. For risk reasons, it may be worthwhile to diversify your assets more broadly and hold gold in your custody account, especially in fast-moving times. Fondsdepot Bank has therefore developed a product that represents a convenient solution for your clients: the gold custody account.

The gold custody account - for building up your clients' capital

What makes an investment in the form of a gold custody account attractive for your clients:

  • Investing in the gold custody account is possible as a one-off investment or as a gold savings plan.
  • The gold savings plan offers clients the opportunity to invest 25 EUR or more per month in gold.
  • For each investment instalment, the client acquires a share in a piece of physical gold.
  • Whole pieces can be delivered to the client.
  • The gold custody account is handled flexibly like an investment fund via the Fund Banking Portal.
  • There are no fixed terms and no notice period.
  • Possible price gains are tax-free after one year.

Fondsdepot Bank offers the option of liquidating the gold custody account flexibly via the Fund Banking Portal, just like an investment fund. This makes the gold custody account easier to "sell" during liquidation and for your sales department. The gold savings plan is liquidated in a similar way to investments in funds, meaning that investment advisors can employ familiar processes, from which clients ultimately also benefit. Approval according to Section 34 of the German Industrial Code (GewO) is necessary in order to sell the gold custody account.

24/7 access to the gold custody account

Fondsdepot Bank offers the option to track the development of the gold custody account flexibly online via the Fund Banking Portal. The financial investment in the gold custody account is possible as a one-off investment or as a Gold Savings Plan even with small amounts. In the Fund Banking Portal, already acquired shares in physical gold are shown at the respective current price. The client therefore always has a reliable overview of his current situation.

The gold shares can be traded flexibly at current market conditions. Since there are no fixed minimum maturities, purchased shares can be easily sold again. After observing a one-year speculation period, this is even possible tax-free!

The benefits of investing in gold

  • Hedging against inflation.
  • Possible price gains are tax-free after one year.
  • The price of gold remains largely unaffected by the stock markets.
  • Gold is physically tangible.
  • High gold production costs form a natural price floor.
  • The value of gold is based on its scarcity and consistently high demand.

The development of the gold price in recent years

The gold custody account of Fondsdepot Bank

As an advisor, you open a gold custody account via Fondsdepot Bank for your client, who defines the desired investment terms. Regular and/or one-time investments enable your client to get closer to his savings target for the desired gold products.
Co-ownership or fractional ownership of the physical gold product is already acquired with the first investment. Once the desired gold product has been fully saved up, the savings target has been achieved and delivery can be requested.

Our gold custody account is attractive and inexpensive. Your client benefits from the flexible services of the Fondsdepot Bank gold custody account for a custody account management fee of currently as little as EUR 29.90 per year plus 0.99% on the average monthly shareholding. In addition, there are transaction costs per share purchase as shown in the attached overview. In the event of delivery, the corresponding delivery fees must be paid.

Current gold price

updated on 25.10.2021, 12:00

WKNProductRetail priceRepurchase price
000078Goldmünze ¼ oz Philharmoniker426,21 €386,11 €
000311Goldmünze 1 oz Krügerrand1.684,70 €1.544,42 €
000100Goldbarren 100 g5.073,10 €4.965,44 €
000250Goldbarren 250 g12.670,30 €12.413,59 €
000500Goldbarren 500 g25.328,16 €24.827,19 €


Overview of contractual relationships

Our gold investment options at a glance

With the flexible Gold Savings Plan as well as possible one-time investments you can save on selected gold coins and gold bars. We offer you a wide range of options for your gold custody account.

Every gold custody account - held in safe custody

The experienced precious metal trader Geiger currently manages the physically deposited bars and coins on behalf of Fondsdepot Bank.

  • Only fine gold with a purity of 999.9 is offered (with the exception of the Kruger rand).
  • Geiger stores its clients' gold in a high-security safe near Leipzig.
  • The stored gold is contractually the property of your clients and is therefore also protected in the event of the insolvency of Fondsdepot Bank.
  • The gold is insured - during storage and transport.
  • As a German company, Geiger Edelmetall GmbH is subject to all German laws and obligations.

An attractive investment ...

​... for yield hunters
The gold price per troy ounce more than tripled between 1999 and 2017.

... ... as a confirmation gift
Make a gift of the future and e.g. help your child or grandchild finance their driver's licence.

... for high earners
To diversify your investment portfolio.

... for short-term investors
As a flexible investment that can be sold at any time.

... as a postnatal gift
Build up capital with small amounts.

... for security-oriented investors
Even in times of crisis and despite a fluctuating euro, the gold price remained relatively stable in the past.

... as a wedding gift
A traditional gift as a sign of esteem and offering growth potential.

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