Precious Metals Conference of Fondsdepot Bank at the Leipziger Edelmetallverarbeitung (LEV)

Participants of the Precious Metals Conference

Representatives of sales organisations and intermediaries accepted the invitation of Fondsdepot Bank and attended the Precious Metals Conference at the LEV in Leipzig

Beginning this year, Fondsdepot Bank is offering a gold portfolio to investors who save money every month to buy gold. The arguments in favour of investing in physical gold and how the gold portfolio works in detail were explained to representatives of sales organisations and intermediaries as part of a production tour at Leipziger Edelmetallverarbeitung GmbH.

At LEV, close to Leipzig, the guests of Fondsdepot Bank - all of them financial experts - were able to observe how gold bars and coins were produced from LBMA-certified gold granulate with a purity of 999.9/1,000.

After a tour of the production facility, the managing director, Adalbert Geiger, gave a convincing talk on the advantages of investing in physical gold, "Since worldwide gold reserves are restricted, the precious metal will probably retain a certain intrinsic value. Gold has also been accepted as a means of payment for centuries. Since gold often develops inversely to the stock market, it can also cushion fluctuations in the portfolio."

After a lunch break at the St├Ârmthaler Reservoir, there was a tour of Schloss G├╝ldengossa and presentation of the gold portfolio by the sales directors of Fondsdepot Bank, Benjamin Kaiser and Michael Patzelt. "The gold portfolio can be handled flexibly via our fund banking portal just like an investment fund. This makes the gold portfolio easier to 'sell' during liquidation and for sales. The gold savings plan is liquidated in a similar way to investments in funds, meaning that investment advisors can employ familiar processes, from which clients ultimately also benefit. No licence according to Section 34 of the German Industrial Code (GewO) is needed to sell the gold portfolio," says Kaiser listing the advantages of the gold portfolio. Anyone who would like to find out more about the gold portfolio can do so at

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