Help for the victims of sexual violence - Fondsdepot Bank presents a donation to Schutzhöhle e.V. in Hof

Presentation of the Christmas donation by Managing Director Sabine Dittmann-Stenger

Traditionally, Fondsdepot Bank supports a local association that especially supports children with a Christmas donation of €2,000. This year, the donation was awarded to the Schutzhöhle association. Among other things, Schutzhöhle works on behalf of girls and boys who are under threat of sexual violence or who have already suffered it.

The donation was presented by Sabine Dittmann-Stenger, Managing Director at Fondsdepot Bank, "Our donation will help to provide more information on the subject of sexual violence against children and young people and and at the same time offer help. Apart from looking after those affected, preventive work at nursery schools and schools is an important contribution of the association, which we're pleased to support." 

Cynthia Gläser, employee of Schutzhöhle e.V., accepted the donation cheque. "Since the association was founded in 2007, this was the first time that unfortunately we couldn't take care of all queries immediately. We had to draw up a waiting list. Given this highly charged subject, this is a sad development. Therefore, we're very pleased about the donation from Fondsdepot Bank and hope there will be many more donors so that the work can be expanded."

"According to a WHO study, 1,000,000 children in Germany are affected. Consequently, in every school class, one or two children are affected by sexualised violence. The Schutzhöhle can only confirm this study, since we've discovered from anonymous feedback after school projects that affected children can be found in school classes or they know someone who has been affected. Preventative work assumes an important role in order to provide all those affected with assistance," according to Gläser.

All of the personnel costs and activities of the association are financed almost exclusively by donations. But what the assistants lack is not just money, but also energetic supporters: "We're looking for people to support us in an honorary capacity in the association organisation and publicity work," explains Gläser, who looks forward to more helpers. Anyone who would like to work in an honorary capacity in the 70-strong association can find more information at

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