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New conditions apply at Fondsdepot Bank from 1 January 2019.

Competitive comparison Fondsdepot Bank

The competitive comparison (as of 30/06/2018) shows that Fondsdepot Bank will also remain competitive in the market in future.

  • Simplification of the portfolio price model by abolishing staggered prices
  • Free online transactions

On 1 January 2019, the new price and service list of Fondsdepot Bank will enter into force for portfolio holders affiliated via pools and independent financial intermediaries. After five years of price stability, the portfolio models have undergone a fundamental overhaul and been designed to be clearer.

From January 2019, the new "Fondsdepot Online" will be available as a flat-fee model at the fixed price of EUR 30 a year including all online transactions - for minors even free-of-charge. The fund portfolio will continue to be available to clients for commissioning offline transactions. Irrespective of the number of fund types held in the portfolio, a portfolio management fee of EUR 55 p.a. will be charged for this portfolio model in future. In addition to the portfolio management fee, a transaction fee of EUR 5.00 per purchase and sale order will be charged in the case of offline orders. Savings plans and payments for employer-supported capital accumulation are excluded from the offline transaction fees.

Holders of the fund portfolio who activate the digital receipt of portfolio statements and other notifications of Fondsdepot Bank via their electronic mailbox benefit from a discounted portfolio management fee of EUR 50.00 annually. "Fondsdepot Bank is increasingly subject to statutory and supervisory requirements, which result in considerable additional costs for portfolio management," says Sebastian Henrichs, CEO of Fondsdepot Bank. "Against this background, we were forced to adjust the prices for selected types of portfolio and services in order to be able to provide the quality our clients expect sustainably. Apart from this, we will continue to invest in our platform to expand it to the benefit of our B2B partners and clients."

An overview of the most important changes:

Previous portfolio fees in EUR (flat fee without transaction fee)

Fund custody accountup to three fundsfrom four fundsMaturity
OfflineEUR 30.00EUR 45.00annually
OnlineEUR 20.00EUR 35.00annually


Portfolio fees from 1/1/2019

Fund custody accountPortfolio fee in EURMaturity
Offline with InfoManagerEUR 50.00, plus EUR 5.00 per partial orderannually
Offline without InfoManagerEUR 55.00, plus EUR 5.00 per partial orderannually
OnlineEUR 30.00 without transaction fee in the case of pure online useannually


With around 9000 funds from a total of 300 investment management companies, clients benefit from the great diversity from one source. Furthermore, Fondsdepot Bank is one of the few platforms on the market that does not charge any transaction costs for online portfolio management. Henrichs is convinced by the changes: "We provide our B2B partners with attractive products for their business success with our portfolio models. With Fondsdepot Online, we are one of the most affordable providers on the market. But offline clients who place their transaction orders via their advisors are also exempted from offline transaction fees. We want to reinforce the advisor's position in this way."

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