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The InfoManager is the central location for your communication Fondsdepot Bank provides all documents to you at a central location - various letters, account statements, cost information, tax certificates, etc.

InfoManager provides you with the following advantages:

  • All documents are available everywhere and at any time
  • All documents remain stored retroactively for a full year, which leaves you with enough time to save your documents individually
  • You are not sent any mandatory statements
  • Relief of your mailbox: With immediate effect, you will receive your letters from us via the electronic mailbox
  • Keep yourself up-to-date by e-mail of new messages in your mailbox
  • The data are securely encrypted in InfoManager: you only have access to them with your user name and PIN
  • Store your documents digitally and save yourself sorting your documents and account statements

Using the InfoManager saves money!

You use our fund portfolio without InfoManager for offline portfolio management? Apply immediately for activation of the InfoManager and save EUR 5.00 in portfolio management fees per year.Please bear in mind that conversion to the InfoManager during the year only results in a reduction in the portfolio management fee in the following year.

 Make use of the InfoManager, save your documents digitally and in this way relieve the burden on the environment.

All of this not only benefits you: by saving paper, you also do the environment a great favour. "The production of 500 sheets of new paper requires 7.5 kg of wood. In addition, 103.2 litres of water and 26.8 kW/h electricity are consumed for 500 sheets. By comparison: The production of 500 sheets of recycled paper does not require any new wood, but 2.8 kg of old paper is needed. 51.1 litres of water is needed for the production of 500 sheets of recycled paper and 10.5 kW/h.* This means the recycled paper we use has a better eco-balance than new paper and the use of the InfoManager does not need wood or water. Help to conserve the environment!

*Source, as of 18 April:

So what are you waiting for? Apply now for the activation of your InfoManager and enjoy the many advantages!

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