Custody of all types of funds, including clean shares, in a single custody account without transaction costs - with the new Mix Depot from Fondsdepot Bank

Price-sensitive investors are increasingly looking for investment opportunities without any front-end load or transaction costs. The demand for passive investment funds (ETFs) or clean shares is growing. Regardless of what the investor chooses, the Mix Depot of Fondsdepot Bank allows all fund classes to be held in one custody account.  

From February 2020, the Mix Depot will facilitate sales by affiliated broker pools and agents. A uniform fee structure for the custody account across all fund classes and a simple pricing model offer transparent conditions.

The custody account management fee for the Mix Depot of the Fondsdepot Bank is 0.1% p.a. of the average value of the custody account - with a minimum of EUR 55 per year and a maximum of EUR 350 per year. The custody account management fee is payable quarterly. Apart from the custody account fees, there are no other transaction costs, front-end loads or other incidental acquisition costs.

"We connect providers of sought-after investment forms with sales organisations and intermediaries and customers. Together with their advisor, custody account holders can buy UCITS, ETFs, Dimensional or Clean Shares simply and easily. The Fondsdepot Bank offers over 11,000 funds from more than 300 investment companies," explains Beate Richartz, Chief Customer Officer (CCO) of Fondsdepot Bank.

Sebastian Höft, Head of Business Partner Management, adds: "With the new Mix Depot, we are focusing on asset managers and independent consultants, as well as the segment of private wealth managers, who have a great need for a clear, transparent and simple custody account model".

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