"Forms of the Fondsdepot Bank"
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Forms in connection with custody account management
at Fondsdepot Bank


1.  Depository account order – buy

2.  Depository account order – savings plan

3.  Depository account order – sell

4.  Depository account order – withdrawal plan

5.  Sale of real estate funds

6.  Real estate fund payout plan

7.  One-time exchange of funds

8.  Regular exchange of funds

9.  Exchange of real estate funds

10. Transfer of assets/account balances to Fondsdepot Bank GmbH

11. Transfer of assets within Fondsdepot Bank GmbH

12. Standing order/bank transfer/cash account closure

13. Service form investment SEPA direct debit mandate for the cash account

14. Procurement of complex products


Exchange traded funds

15. ETF purchase

16. ETF savings plan

17. ETF sale

18. ETF payout plan

19. ETF fund range - cost information


Securities loan

20. Securities loan application

21. Securities loan self-disclosure


Powers of attorney

22. Custody account /account order power of attorney

23. Postal power of attorney


Other forms

24. Exemption order for capital gains

25. Declaration of tax liability according to the German Interest Information Regulation (ZIV)

26. Application for the preparation of a loss statement

27. Changes of address/name

28. Bank data/SEPA direct debit mandate

29. Confirm signature

30. List of authorised representatives with specimen signatures

31. Activation of fund banking and the InfoManager

32. Application for private clients in Fondsdepot Online with cash account


Further legal information

can be found here.