"FAQ E-Mail Encryption"

E-Mail Encryption

TLS is a standard for encrypted transmission of information. The encryption method to be used is negotiated and applied between the sender and receiver system. We encounter TLS every day e.g. in the browser when visiting websites. Serious sites communicate encrypted with the browser, especially if you have the possibility to log on to the website in question.

You can recognize TLS in the browser by a lock in the address line. Here a closed or green lock means that there is an encryption. If this is not the case, the lock is shown open or red.

With this step we say goodbye completely to unencrypted mail sending. TLS 1.1 is not the latest standard, but it is still frequently used.

Encryption with TLS 1.1 will also need to be updated to a higher standard in due course.

That depends on the system. It is virtually impossible to make a general statement. If in doubt, please ask your IT department or mail provider. They can provide you with information here.

In this case, please contact your e-mail provider. This can be your own IT or another company.

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