"Technically optimised asset management."

Portfolio Management Suite - the software for asset managers

You save time and money as asset manager with our Portfolio Management Suite. Thanks to the numerous integrated applications, you can optimise your work flow and react immediately to market changes. The Portfolio Management Suite is precisely attuned to the needs of your sector and is an ideal solution for defining strategies and reproducing these in the client custody account.

Loss threshold monitoring - negative market changes transparent at a glance.

Directly after logging in on the homepage of our Portfolio Management Suite, client custody accounts that have breached the loss threshold are displayed at a glance so that you can react quickly. If no client custody account breaches a loss threshold, a negative report is displayed to you as advisor. And apart from the transparency, you benefit from easily adjustable functions, such as the option to correct loss thresholds individually at the individual custody account level.

More transparency. More efficiency. More success. With the Portfolio Management Suite of Fondsdepot Bank.

Automated adjustment of your portfolio strategies - a benefit of the Portfolio Management Suite.

Our Portfolio Management Suite makes adjusting strategies for all client custody accounts and processing large quantities child's play. Thanks to its clear presentation and easy-to-operate mode of functioning, you are in a position as advisor to process portfolio details fast for all client contracts. And this in just a few steps:

  1. change strategy

  2. conclude rebalancing

  3. view result graphically

Automated performance reports - secure and reliable

Thanks to our Portfolio Management Suite, you keep track of all information:

  • deposits
  • withdrawals
  • shareholdings
  • kick-backs of trailer fees
  • current values in securities and cash.

The report helps the asset manager to meet his statutory reporting obligations and is drawn up with an emphasis on the result of the actual asset management according to the daily valuation method. It can be drawn up either individually or in a freely selectable cycle and indicates optionally the absolute development of the benchmark.

Easy administration of asset strategies - incl. saveable search functions

As an advisor, the Portfolio Management Suite offers you comprehensive search functions, which you assemble according to your needs using filter criteria and can save for later re-use. As a result, you can find both individual custody accounts as well as custody account groups. The system lists can be saved both user-specifically as well as in encrypted form on the Fondsdepot Bank system.

As a result, you benefit both from usability advantages as well as clever, labour-saving note functions.

The Portfolio Management Suite supplies data in real time - current custody account data with performance reports

The Portfolio Management Suite is a component of the Fondsdepot Bank core banking systems. Through the integration of all data in our custody account management system, the user accesses the current custody account data in real time via the Internet. This facilitates transparent comparability of selected custody accounts and easy navigation between different clients.

The Portfolio Management Suite provides you with easy insight into:

  • basic client data
  • contract drafting
  • savings and payment plans of portfolios with direct debit
  • transactions carried out
  • shareholding overview and strategy

Fondsdepot Bank also assumes the collection of fees and settlement of transactions for you and provides you as asset manager with a form for settling the administrative fee and strategy fee. In addition to this, we provide you with a comprehensive service package and take care of the administration of your fees. This means you enjoy absolute comfort and can take care of what counts: talking to your personal clients.

If you have any questions about the Portfolio Management Suite, arrange an appointment with us or contact:
Service line: +49 9281 7258-3000, Mon - Fri from 8.00 a.m. – 8.00 p.m.
E-mail: info(at)fondsdepotbank.de