"Convenient and efficient implementation of your fund investments."
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Your cash account – ​ flexible and easy to liquidate

The cash account is an easy-to-liquidate financial investment with an appropriate interest rate. With a fund custody account, purchases can be debited to the cash account and sales credited to it. Tax reimbursements, liquidation proceeds, custody account fees, mailing expenses and other expenditure and fees can also be settled via the EUR cash account.

  • Option to open an account in foreign currencies in combination with a EUR cash account
  • Avoidance of currency risks in fund sales in foreign currencies.
  • Market-appropriate credit balance interest

Want to 'park capital' or for example finance a savings plan? Take advantage of the cash account of Fondsdepot Bank - with current interest rates and good availability!

Current interest rate (as of 1 JFebruary 2020)

¹ Calculation of the interest yield is made on the basis of the interest table according to the German interest method (30/360), interest adjustment according to the market development on the last day of month possible
Interest on the investment amount Interest rate Debit interest for unauthorised overdraft
Balance EUR 0,00 % p. a.¹ EUR 9,50 % p. a. / EUR 9,85 % p. a. (effective annual interest)
Balance USD 1,03 % p. a. USD 11,53 % p. a. / USD 12,04 % p. a. (effective annual interest)
Balance GBP 0,00 % p. a. GBP 10,68 % p. a. / GBP 11,12 % p. a. (effective annual interest)
Balance CHF 0,00 % p. a. CHF 9,22 % p. a. / CHF 9,55 % p. a. (effective annual interest)

The most important features

  • More convenient and efficient implementation of your fund investments.
  • Quarterly interest credit to your cash account.
  • You receive a free account statement in your InfoManager at the end of the quarter, in the case of account movements directly thereafter.

And the best of all:

If you have a custody account at Fondsdepot Bank, management of the cash account is free!