"Keep an eye on your investments around the clock."

Transparency at all times – Everything safely under control with the online portal

24/7 access to your custody account? With the fund banking feature, we offer you a clear and simple tool for carrying out a wide range of actions quickly and efficiently online. Using state-of-the-art technology, we achieve maximum transparency and control.

Digital access to your custody account


Self-explanatory and intuitive user functions


Deposit or withdraw by means of a secure online order (PIN and TAN)

Documented, archived

InfoManager as a digital mailbox



Keep track of everything using any end device



Direct access to the asset report


View custody account and account balances, turnovers and personal data

The fund banking feature of Fondsdepot Bank offers you ...

... a responsive design for optimised display on smartphones, tablets and PCs.

... intuitive and self-explanatory menu navigation.

... the option to view custody account and account balances, transactions and personal data.

... online transactions such as additional payments and disbursements as well as orders for savings and disbursement plans.

... with the InfoManager, an electronic mailbox for the delivery of custody account and account statements as well as other contract documents.

... performance assessment on a custody account and fund basis as well as direct access to the asset report.

... access to detailed fund portraits.

Go directly to the fund banking. That way you can keep an eye on your capital around the clock.

To the banking portal

You do not yet have access to our online portal? Talk to your advisor or use our form to activate fund banking.

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