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Fondsdepot Bank GmbH is a company with a full banking licence. It is headed by Sebastian Henrichs (CEO) as Chairman of the Management Board and Sabine Dittmann-Stenger (COO) as Managing Director. The two are supported by Frank Marschner (CIO) and Beate Richartz (CCO).

TR-tsabes Shcirneh | Topedsdnof Knab
CEO – Sebastian Henrichs

CEO, Sebastian Henrichs is responsible for the Strategy, Finance, Treasury, Trading & Credit and Human Resources departments. After several years in auditing and consulting at Deloitte (Frankfurt), Sebastian Henrichs joined Fondsdepot Bank in 2012, where he initially headed the Management Reporting and Controlling department in the Financial Services sector, before assuming the role of Chief Financial Officer in April 2013. Since 2015, he has also been CEO of the company.

Finance, Human Resources, Treasury, Trading & Credit, Marketing
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COO – Sabine Dittmann-Stenger

As Managing Director, Sabine Dittmann-Stenger is responsible for Operations, Liability Umbrella, Internal Audit, Compliance/AML/Anti-Fraud, Legal, Risk Control, Data Protection and Information Security. Following her career with the Allianz Group, she joined the company in 2011 and has since been responsible for various business areas such as IT, organisation, regulatory functions and account management. Previously Managing Director of Gesellschaft für Kontenservice (GKS) - from which Fondsdepot Bank emerged - she was appointed Chief Executive for the market side and regulatory functions in April 2013. In October 2013, she was appointed to the Management Board with responsibility for the market side and since September of the following year she has been responsible as COO for the back office.

Operations, Liability Umbrella & Fund Asset Management, Digital Transformation Management, Client Care Centre, Risk Control & Information Security, Compliance / AML / Anti Fraud, Legal & Data Protection and Internal Audit
Fondsdepot Bank | Frank Marschner
CIO – Frank Marschner

As CIO of Fondsdepot Bank, Frank Marschner is responsible for information technology. He has been working for Fondsdepot Bank since 20 June 2018 and is using his expertise to strengthen the importance of information technology at management level. Before joining Fondsdepot Bank, Frank Marschner was in charge of programmes and strategic initiatives for the digitalisation, reorganisation and transformation of existing IT architectures and business models in various companies, focusing on banks, insurance companies and financial service providers. 

IT Operations, IT Management & Support Services, IT Strategic Direction, Projects & Quality Assurance, Output & Forms Management
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CCO – Beate Richartz

In her role, Beate Richartz is responsible for Account Management and Sales. As head of Liability Umbrella & Fund Asset Management, Richartz has been responsible for the successful development and effective organisation of these two new business areas at Fondsdepot Bank for the past two years. Richartz has many years of specialist and management experience in the field of fund trading platforms with a focus on sales and fund procurement/ custody. Among other things, she was Managing Director at Metzler FundServices GmbH, part of Metzler Asset Management.

Account Management, Business Partner Management, Sales Management