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Information on year-end shipping

In the period from 09.03.-27.03.2020, the Fund Custodian Bank plans to send the year-end documents to all custodians. The following documents will be sent:

First of all, the documents are successively added to the InfoManager. It can happen that deposit holders receive the annual deposit statement first and some time later the annual tax certificate.

The collected documents will be sent by post to all depot holders without InfoManager from 11.03.2020.

Zero certificates for the annual tax certificate will not be sent.

The above-mentioned dates may be delayed for custody accounts that hold funds in liquidation or for funds for which corrections are made due to tax data supplied subsequently. For these custody accounts, the Fund Custodian Bank plans to start sending the certificates by the end of April 2020.

Please note the following change:

Documents in the InfoManager are now to be regarded as originals. There will be no additional postal dispatch.

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