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Work and study: Apply your knowledge

Are you a university student, but not satisfied with mere theory? Are you eager to apply your theoretical knowledge in practice and in specific application scenarios? If so, Fondsdepot Bank is the right place for you. Decide how you would like to work with us: As a working student alongside your university education, as an intern for several months or for a final paper in our company – Fondsdepot Bank offers you the ideal solution to launch your career. Make use of the opportunity to familiarise yourself with the work in the banking industry and apply what you have learned in real life.

Working student

Are you looking for an activity in which you can not only apply your skills, but also earn money? If so, do not hesitate to apply to Fondsdepot Bank. Apart from collaborating in our day-to-day business, you can participate in projects and benefit from our employees' experience.

You can find job vacancies for working students under our job ads. Please feel free to submit an unsolicited application. Please send your application to jobs(at)fondsdepotbank.de.

Current job vacancies are published here.


A university internship offers you many perspectives: You can gain an in-depth understanding of our company and possible fields of operation and apply your theoretical knowledge. Moreover, an internship often serves as a stepping stone to a subsequent career. Apply for an internship with Fondsdepot Bank and get to know us.

Diploma thesis

Would you like to write your final paper with a partner from the financial services industry? It is essentially possible to write a diploma thesis in any of our departments. Simply send us an unsolicited application indicating which subject or subject area you would be interested in. Perhaps we could make an appointment to talk about the possibilities.

Lisa Kavernik, working student in the Compliance/AML/Anti-Fraud department

During my studies of business law at the Hof University of Applied Sciences, I became ever more convinced that I had opted for the right path, and I wanted to demonstrate this in practice. In my job, I was able to apply the regulatory requirements that I had already learned at university, thereby productively supporting the department. The variety of activities, which includes the day-to-day business, project support etc. and the supporting team of Fondsdepot Bank motivate me to always give my best in order to contribute to the bank's success.

Thanks to my colleagues' openness and patience, it has been easy for me to familiarise myself with the relevant subject areas and become a full-fledged member of the team. Naturally, I always perform my duties under the consideration of customer interests. After all, when our customers are happy, we are happy as well.

There are lots of opportunities to have fun with the colleagues even outside working hours. I'm looking forward to the Fondsdepot Bank's next summer party.

At Fondsdepot Bank, university students can contribute to the success strategy "Easy. Holistic. Customer-oriented". I am pleased to be able to acquire practical experience here as a working student.

Your contact

Would you like to send us an application or do you have any questions concerning our job ads?

Please feel free to contact:

Olesia Hörner
HR Advisory

Tel: +49 9281 7258-2503
E-mail: jobs(at)fondsdepotbank.de