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Embark on your career with Fondsdepot Bank – Internship and apprenticeship

We offer numerous options for newcomers to get started in our company or in their profession. By means of internships and apprenticeships, we give young people the opportunity to get to know our company. Are you interested? Read here what we offer.


Are you at least 15 years old? Are you interested in an administrative profession or the fields of marketing, sales or IT? Apply for a two-week secondary school student internship. Within the scope of such an internship, you can get a glimpse of what is going on behind the scenes in our company and get an initial impression of the professional world. Find out what the work is like in our company and decide whether our company would be the right place for you. Please feel free to send us an application by e-mail whenever you wish, but no later than four weeks before the date on which you would like to start. Please send us a full set of documents, i.e. your application should include a cover letter, a signed curriculum vitae and a copy of your last school report. Please also tell us when you would like to do your internship and in which area. We are looking forward to your application!


An apprenticeship at Fondsdepot Bank is never boring, as you will get to know all our departments. Experienced colleagues will show you everything you need for your future job. Additionally, we assist our apprentices in their individual development. For example, it is possible to get a degree from the university of applied sciences apart from the apprenticeship.

Our apprenticeships

Your apprenticeship is the basis for your future career. During this period, you will acquire basic professional skills. Moreover, an apprenticeship will help you to find your bearings and identify the area in the company in which your strengths lie and that attracts you most. Get an apprenticeship in office management or computer science (subject area: software development), and prepare for your future with Fondsdepot Bank.

Office managers are indispensable in every company. There is a great need for these administrative organisation talents in areas such as administration, finance, payroll accounting and accounting.

In the course of your apprenticeship at Fondsdepot Bank, you will spend time in all areas. In this way, you will gain a clear insight into the activities in our company. In the last year of your apprenticeship, you will mainly work in the Accounting and HR departments.

Are you interested in economic themes, especially in the field of financial services, and would you like to embark on a career in this area? Do you enjoy human interaction and phone calls, do you have excellent spoken and written communication skills, and do you like figures?

If so, our company is the right place for you!

  • Requirements: Higher secondary school
  • Duration: 3 years
  • Location: Hof, Germany
  • Next start date: 1 September 2021

Computer science experts in the subject area of software development develop and program software according to customer requirements. They test existing applications, modify them and develop use-oriented user interfaces. For their work, they use programming languages and utilities such as developer tools. They also employ software engineering methods. Additionally, they resolve errors with the help of experts and diagnosis systems, and they coach and train the users.

As a computer science expert at Fondsdepot Bank, you will be part of our IT department. In the course of your apprenticeship, you will pass through all areas of our IT.

  • Requirements: Higher secondary school
  • Duration: 3 years
  • Location: Hof, Germany
  • Next start date: 1 September 2021

Antonio Achtziger, office management apprentice

"After my school and a year at the higher secondary school in Hof, I decided to get an apprenticeship in office management at Fondsdepot Bank. During my apprenticeship, I've already spent time in various departments of the bank, such as Custody Account Opening, Purchasing, Taxes and the Mailroom. So far, I've especially enjoyed the time I spent in the "General Custody Account Management" team. I really enjoyed working in operations, and I was very comfortable in the team. In the third year of my apprenticeship, I'm going to get to know the HR and Finance departments. One of the personal highlights during my apprenticeship was the employee team event. Together with the Marketing team, we went bowling in Hof. That was really fun. I greatly enjoy being an apprentice at Fondsdepot Bank."

Antonio Achtiziger, April 2019

Lilli Rockmann, year 9 at Christoph Graupner Grammar School, Kirchberg

"As I've always been interested in graphical design, I knew that I'd by all means want to do my two-week internship in this area.  My mum was the one who drew my attention to Fondsdepot Bank.  She has already been with the bank for a long time, and she suggested trying this company's Marketing department. To me, this department appeared to be the perfect place to do what I enjoy and discover new aspects of the wide subject area of 'marketing'. During my internship, I was introduced to the bank's press work, web design, social media presence and the field of graphics. In addition to what I've learned about marketing, I've got to know the bank in general, I've been able to participate in meetings and I've even uploaded material to the website. I really learned a lot in two weeks. I was especially impressed by the web design work. The internship has been very beneficial for my future career, and it was fun."

Lilli Rockmann, April 2019

Any questions concerning apprenticeships at Fondsdepot Bank GmbH?

The apprenticeship usually takes three years.

At Fondsdepot Bank GmbH, you will get training in numerous departments, such as Purchasing, Administration, Operations, Accounting, HR, Finance and so on.

The vocational school is located in Münchberg.

As an apprentice, your working time is flexible. You will plan your working time in coordination with your respective department. The working hours vary depending on the department you work in.

The monthly apprenticeship allowance in the first year is €650.00 (gross). You will earn €730.00 (gross) in the second year of the apprenticeship and €800.00 (gross) in the third year.

All apprentices are entitled to 28 days of annual leave.

We are Germany's largest fund platform. We create and manage fund accounts, accept customer orders and execute these orders in a target-oriented, professional manner.

The chances of being offered a permanent job are good. One of the reasons why we are eager to train you is to secure our own need for qualified human resources on a long-term basis.

Normally, the trial period is four months.

In the company, you will have various contacts. For example, you can approach Human Resources, your respective group management, the apprenticeship supervisor in your group and the apprentices in higher apprenticeship years. Besides, all colleagues in the respective department have an open ear for our apprentices and are eager to be of assistance.

No. We will provide your apprenticeship material at the outset along with a welcome gift. Additionally, every department in the company has a separate materials cupboard from which you can get any needed material after getting permission to do so.

Subject to agreement and under the condition that the applicable requirements are met, the apprenticeship can theoretically be reduced to 2 ½ years.

Following your apprenticeship, we will promote your development under consideration of your personal needs. We will prepare a roadmap together with you depending on which department you will work in after your apprenticeship.

Yes! You can always get coffee, tea and water free of charge. In the winter months, we regularly provide fruit baskets, which you are also welcome to benefit from. At Fondsdepot Bank, we have our own restaurant. The restaurant prepares fresh meals every day. Here you can eat your lunch with other apprentices and colleagues at a reduced rate.

You will have a permanent workplace in every department. However, due to the rotation, you will be sitting with different desk groups. Every workplace at Fondsdepot Bank GmbH is endowed with high-quality basic equipment.

You are entitled to a break of 30 minutes after working for six hours. After working for nine hours, you are entitled to a break of 45 minutes. You can discuss the timing of the break with your apprenticeship supervisor.

A normal working day has eight hours. The weekly working time is 40 hours.

Currently, we offer apprenticeships in office management and computer science (subject area: software development).

The apprenticeship takes place at our headquarters in Hof.

Your contact

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