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How do you recognize a successful company? By us.

In addition to a forward-looking and transparent strategy derived from the needs and expectations of customers, it is definitely the people with their personal commitment, competence and ideas who are the most important factors for the success of a company.

If everyone - from the management to the temporary staff - pulls together, this can be decisive for the long-term joint success story in competition. This is why we at Fondsdepot Bank live a strong team spirit and a positive corporate culture that ensures appreciation and fairness, promotes open communication and leaves no doubt that every committed employee contribution is important to us.

At our bank, work can be fun, together as a team and with the freedom to actively participate in shaping the future. Because you can always recognize a successful company by its employees!

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"As a passionate concert-goer, my place is always in the front row, even in my daily tasks at the Fondsdepot Bank, at projects or our corporate events. The content of my work and the open cooperation in the company mean that I am really happy here!"
"Whether privately or professionally, I love diversity. As a musician I play rock, blues and heavy metal and my job as a clerk at Fondsdepot Bank also offers me a lot of variety. Besides the attractive remuneration, I am also offered other financial opportunities. So I can afford my hobby."
"With the plan in my hands and the self-confidence that the training at Hof has brought me, I always find the right path. Well-trained employees are one of the secrets of our success."
"Every play on the stages of the world is different. Whether in the opera or in the financial world - I always have the program in view and know exactly how the next act will be a success for Fondsdepot Bank. Even before the curtain rises, I, as Managing Director, make sure that all the actors on stage and behind the scenes work well together."
"In archery I have learned to focus on my target. This also helps me at work to develop accurate stories. Fondsdepot Bank is the leading German platform for trading and custody of funds, and communicating that is my job."
"3 books a week are no problem for me. When it gets really exciting, I simply use the flexible working hours and can continue reading for another half hour. In my home office I like to spend my lunch break with a good book on my balcony. With these options, working in customer service is twice as much fun."
"As a motorcyclist, you can only get through traffic safely and without problems if you ride with foresight, stick to the rules and stay focused. There are also important rules in business life, so that a company can exist successfully. Here I like to take responsibility and make sure that the road is clear."
"I am a great dog lover and spend a lot of time with my dog Queeny. In the Fondsdepot Bank I am responsible for business continuity management. This means developing plans to keep business running at all times, even in the event of an emergency. Whether with Queeny or at work - with overview and composure I know where to go. In this way I contribute to the success of Fondsdepot Bank."
"When laying a mosaic, it is great fun for me to create a large and at the same time unique and long-lasting work of art from individual different stones. In fact, it is also what motivates me in the Fondsdepot Bank: Only the combination of our different individual profiles makes us the successful team that we are."
"Flat hierarchies, an open culture and freedom in the choice of clothing make us a colorful, likeable bunch. In this relaxed working environment, I and my colleagues concentrate on deposit fees. With the appreciation for our services, whether individually or as a team, I enjoy working for the success of Fondsdepot Bank."
"As a diver I am used to dealing with pressure. Not to panic is especially important under water. I can use this ability well in my daily work. Therefore I see changes in the company very positively. It is only through innovation that we have become the leading German platform for trading and fund custody."
"In SUP, keeping balance is very important. Even with stronger swell I stay firm and enjoy my little break. Balance and determination were also success factors on my way from clerk to department head with responsibility for 68 employees in the Fondsdepot Bank. I am happy to pass on my experience - not only on the subject of work-life balance - to my colleagues in the company."
"When sewing, it is especially important to always take the right measurements so that the new creation fits perfectly. When designing our website, I also make sure that the content and layout fit our needs and are presented in a way that is appropriate for the target group. Customized communication makes Fondsdepot Bank successful."

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