"Is commitment your middle name? It's ours too!"
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More in store – our extra benefits for you

We believe that in the long run, business success can only be achieved with a satisfied team. For this reason, Fondsdepot Bank is eager to offer its employees various benefits. Our objective is to duly reward our employees' performance and to enable them to harmonise their life and work as effectively as possible. From small courtesies, extra bonuses and food and beverages to flexible working hours and health promotion offerings: When our employees feel good, we have achieved our goal!

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Performance-driven remuneration

We do not take employees who do much more than they are required to do for granted. Rather, we reward such an attitude. Apart from granting bonuses for extraordinary performance, we also promote the further development of or company through improvement proposals or recruitment of new employees.

  • Ad-hoc bonuses
  • Employees solicit employees
  • Corporate proposal system
  • Function-specific bonus
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Function and work-specific remuneration

Depending on the position and duties in the company, we offer employees company cars and additional bonuses for their commitment, flexibility and mobility.

  • Annual salary review process
  • Company car
  • Extra bonuses for on-call duty, Sundays and holidays
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Courtesies and in-kind benefits

We express our appreciation for our employees by means of courtesies on birthdays and anniversaries. We top up the Edenred card to enable our employees to fulfil their personal wishes.

  • Edenred card
  • Voucher for special occasions
  • Anniversary bonus
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Working time

We pay attention to our employees' work-life balance. Apart from 28 days of annual leave* and the possibility to work from home (depending on department), we also offer flexible working hours, if possible even without any core working hours.

  • Flexible working hours
  • Work from home
  • 28 days' leave (*calculated on the basis of a five-day week)
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​Development and further training​

To ensure the success of our company and the quality of our work on a long-term basis, we take care of the individual further development and qualification of our employees.

  • Individual development opportunities
  • In-house training
  • External training measures​
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Other incentives​​

A pleasant atmosphere does not come about by itself. Therefore, we actively promote the team spirit in the company. Events and a godparent programme for the "newbies" help our team to spend time together even outside the workplace. The "Lunch & Learn" event series, in the course of which we take a look at future developments, also serves this purpose.

  • Employee events
  • Special leave
  • Discounts
  • Lunch & Learn
  • Cooperate to innovate
  • Godparent programme for new employees​
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Promotion of capital accumulation

As a bank, we also assist our employees in accumulating capital. Apart from subsidies to occupational pension/disability insurance, attractive staff conditions on our products and capital formation benefits, we also provide the basis for early retirement, sabbaticals or care times by way of working time accounts.

  • No custody account management fees
  • Capital formation benefits
  • Working time accounts
  • Gold custody account
  • Asset management
  • Subsidy to occupational pension/disability insurance
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Health promotion

We always wish our employees good health. Therefore, we provide fruits in the winter months and subsidise sports activities in the sports community of Fondsdepot Bank. We also offer massages, autogenic training and active mini breaks.

  • Company doctor
  • Fruits
  • Flu vaccination
  • Sports community
  • Autogenic training
  • active mini break/massage
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Water, tea and coffee are available to our employees free of charge. Our restaurant provides excellent nutrition from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. at attractive staff conditions.

  • Free beverages
  • Company restaurant